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  • Stephen Newland

What Results Have Clients Seen?

Updated: Apr 23

Think back to when you started your organization...

You had big dreams of changing the world or your industry.

You probably had that drive to succeed & were laser focused on making it happen.

Along the way you looked up & realized you had too much on your plate in the day to day, finance included, which makes it harder to be strategic.

Our goal is to simplify all things finance. This makes it easier to understand & be used as a proactive tool for your organization.

Imagine if you had a clear view of where your cash will be over the next 12 months, knew which products/services were profitable & where to cut back or invest more.

...and even better you didn't have to do it.

We've seen leaders get out of the spreadsheets & back into driving their mission forward time & time again.

That same story is true for the 50+ different businesses we've provided finance support to.

Here are a few of the results we've been able to help our clients achieve:

Small Business, $8m Annual Revenue

Developed 12 month rolling forecast to give executive team clarity on their cash runway. This gave them confidence to make investments in their business sooner than they would have otherwise.

We met every two weeks so they always had up to date visibility into their cash.

We partnered with the bookkeeper/accountant to shift from cash-based to accrual-based accounting. This, in addition to the forecast, helped prepare them for a nearly $50m purchase of a portion of their business.

Nonprofit, $1m Annual Revenue

Built new budget/forecast tool that is tied to the # of people served. This gave the leadership team a better understanding of the unit economics of their organization.

It helped them see opportunities to provide their service more efficiently which helped better tell the story with raising money from donors.

Small Business, $6m Annual Revenue

Helped the CEO "sleep better at night", per his words. The company was spending quite a bit more each month than they were bringing in after a large investment. We developed a weekly cash flow report to give the CEO insight into cash over the next three months.

Gave clarity to executive team as to which marketing & sales channels were effective. This led to a re-allocation of resources into more effective channels, which helped reach more ideal customers.

Identified $30k of recurring subscriptions that were no longer needed.

Nonprofit, $2.5m Annual Revenue

Oversaw budget process & worked with board to get the annual budget approved. In addition, we helped re-write the organization's financial policies & procedures document.

Small Business, $1m Annual Revenue

Client was curious if they were pricing their product in line with their costs. We worked with the client to understand all of the inputs to their product. This helped them understand how much it cost to sell one additional unit of their product. They took this information & adjusted pricing to better cover their costs. This helped them be able to invest in other key areas of their business with the extra money.

Small Business, ~$400k Annual Revenue

We helped build a three year forecast for this company that helped raise $1.5m. It gave them insight into cash runway & how certain changes to their business would impact the bottom line.

We also did a pricing analysis that revealed an opportunity to increase gross margin (and ultimately more cash for the business). The company saw a 50% increase in revenue immediately.

Produced analysis to provide clarity on a $20+ million vendor decision.

Small Business, ~$100k Annual Revenue

Produced pricing analysis to show the impact of a price increase on revenue with churn built in. This gave the founder confidence to test new pricing. The end result was a nearly 300% increase in revenue (yes, 3x!). This helped extend their runway of their business.


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