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Let us worry about
the finances.

You drive your mission forward.

Fractional finance support for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

We'll provide clarity around questions like:

  • How much cash will I have in six months?

  • Can I afford to hire additional staff?

  • Are there any expenses I should cut?

  • What do I need to do to be audit ready?

  • ...and others

What to expect


During onboarding, we'll review your chart of accounts & accounting processes.

We'll make suggestions that will make it easier to draw insights from your financial data. Then we'll work with your bookkeeper or CPA to make any changes.


We'll work with you to understand the key levers of your business then build a forecast centered around them.

This will show you how much cash you're projected to have over the next 12+ months. We'll keep it updated as your organization changes.


You'll have access to custom reports built for your business. We'll focus on measuring the key levers of your business.

These will help us draw insights out of past results & the forecast to help you feel confident making key decisions for your business.

"I have first hand experience with Stephen over at MoneyPath. As an entrepreneur, investor and operator I can’t recommend them enough. They provide clarity and CFO quality guidance. Engage with MoneyPath without hesitation. Your business will thank you."

Josh Rhodes

Common Questions

  • I'm not sure if my organization can afford a monthly service right now
    We understand that managing expenses is crucial for any organization. We pride ourselves on being honest with you. If we don't think we can provide more value than the cost we'll be 100% honest up front. With improved cash flow management, strategic financial planning, and potential cost savings, our service can actually help your organization save money and become more financially stable. By leveraging expert financial guidance, you'll be better equipped to drive your mission forward and ensure financial sustainability. Our plans start at $1,750/month which is a small fraction of the cost it would take to hire for an experienced full-time finance role.
  • I have a bookkeeper and CPA. What will you do that they don't?
    While bookkeepers and CPA's are essential for maintaining accurate records and ensuring compliance, our service complements these tasks. We provide strategic financial guidance, helping you make informed decisions that drive your organization's growth and sustainability. From creating financial forecasts and managing cash flow to identifying cost-saving opportunities and developing long-term financial strategies, we offer a level of expertise and proactive support that complements the work of your bookkeeper and CPA. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive financial strategy that aligns with your mission and goals.
  • Why would this service help if my board handles our financial management today?
    While board members provide valuable oversight, our service offers specialized, day-to-day financial expertise that goes beyond periodic reviews. We bring proactive financial strategies and deep nonprofit & startup knowledge to ensure your organization remains financially healthy and sustainable. By partnering with us, you gain access to dedicated financial guidance that complements your board's efforts. This allows your board to elevate to more strategic priorities like growth and stability vs. focusing on day to day management tasks.
  • I'm skeptical about outsourcing financial tasks. What are the pros and cons?
    Outsourcing financial tasks offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness by providing specialized expertise without the overhead costs of a full-time employee, flexibility to scale services based on your organization’s needs, and access to strategic financial management and planning beyond basic bookkeeping. There's usually an initial adjustment period and less frequent on-site presence, but the the long-term benefits of improved financial management, strategic planning, and cost savings typically outweigh these.
  • How have you helped other organizations?
    We've helped a lot of organizations! Here are a few results we've been able to achieve in the last few years.


Stephen Newland, CMA

Over the past 15 years, Stephen has worked in finance roles at a variety of organizations including nonprofits, startups, early-stage companies, and Fortune 500.


He has experience in a variety of industries including fintech, financial literacy, foster care, healthcare, professional services, e-commerce, SaaS, construction, real estate, biotech & media.

He believes in making finance simple & actionable so the insights can be used to make business decisions. 

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